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Business Intelligence 101 is a Silicon Valley Reseller of Google Apps

April 14, 2014 — Business Intelligence 101 announced it has become a Google Apps for Business Authorized Enterprise Reseller in Silicon Valley. Known as an experienced cloud technology consultant company available to help with everything from the initial evaluation of Google Apps to implementation, training and support. They are trusted advisors specializing in the customization of Google Apps to meet clients’ exact needs.

“Becoming a Google Apps for Business Authorized Enterprise Reseller will help us enhance the value of Google Apps for users of B2B Software Companies in Silicon Valley,” said Kevin Lalor, CEO, Business Intelligence 101. “We have maintained our status as a Premier SMB Reseller of Google Apps for ten years. It’s a great opportunity for us to move up to Enterprise Resellers, because our expertise is growing with our customers. Yesterday’s startups are today’s large companies. We’re proud of the training and certifications the team has completed to make Enterprise our new reseller status.”

Business Intelligence 101 knows that Silicon Valley companies can benefit from the cloud, but they pride themselves in finding the best cloud solution and tailoring it to the users and the goals of the organizations. The cloud applications must be a seamless process in order for the company to be successful. The experts at Business Intelligence 101 understand how critical technology is and they know that many companies are burdened by IT challenges, which is why they take on the task of training and customer support, so companies can focus on their core business.

Silicon Valley companies are demanding a faster way of life and faster technology. This means mobility and reliability, of being able to work from anywhere, anytime, and from any device. No employee wants to be frustrated with issues of formatting and downtime. Lost productivity is not an option in today’s workforce. Technology that creates this is a bottleneck that soon becomes thrown out the window. Which is why so many companies are turning to a Silicon Valley Reseller of Google Apps.
“Everyone is going to cloud-based services and we had to as well to keep up with our own client and partner demands,” said Emmet Williams of FunMobility. “It seems as though every brand and operating system was represented on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) platform. Keeping up with the transference of documents from person to person, device to device was daunting. Edits were getting lost, revisions had to be made multiple times, and work was moving slower than it should have. The server would go down from time to time and it was difficult explaining the problem to employees and determining how long it would be before everything was up and running again.”

“The team at Bi101 was inspirational and led us to further our own professional advancement through technology,” Emmet Williams went on to state, “With each and every call our staff was always met with quick, conscientious and courteous replies, Bi101 understands that a technical partnership is built on a deep trust.”

Business Intelligence 101 looks forward to partnering with companies around Silicon Valley to optimize Google Apps. Being local provides peace of mind for Bi101 and the client. It’s a win-win. Call 866-552-4101 to speak to a Certified Deployment Specialist.

About Google Apps
Google Apps brings simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools to organizations of any size – all hosted by Google to streamline setup, minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs.

Business Intelligence 101
Business Intelligence 101 provides B2B software companies with an integrated suite of cloud-based tools. Giving companies a competitive edge and unlimited technology potential. Bi101 partners with the best cloud solution providers to make them a leader in the industry.


Join us to Learn about Backup and Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

We invite you to join us Tuesday, April 15 to learn about backup and disaster recovery technology in the cloud with our partner, Quorum. We are hosting a lunch and learn at Lark Creek at 11:30am.

In case you’re not absolutely sure your backup and recovery technology is up to snuff against anything Mother Nature (or human error) throws at you, find out why Quorum is the one-click backup, instant disaster recovery and business continuity solution to help you simplify your job and give you real peace of mind.

Advantages of Quorum:

  • Backs up your servers, not just your data
  • Tests your recovery solution daily
  • Backs up to remotes appliances and the cloud
  • Provides one-click recovery in just minutes
  • Easy to use console from desktop, tablet or phone

Hardware failure is the number one cause of company downtime. See you there!

 Cloud Backup disaster recovery

Finding a Competitive Edge with Microsoft Office 365

John F. Kennedy once said “Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” Although only looking to the past and present can certainly limit the possibilities of the future, adapting to the future – in business or otherwise – is better achieved by those familiar with the past and present’s best ideas. Microsoft Office 365 combines user familiarity of Office with the mobility, security, cost-effectiveness and the future possibilities of the cloud.

According to the technology research firm Gartner Inc., cloud-based computing platforms will be the bulk of IT spending by 2016 with nearly half of large enterprises365 user video utilizing cloud-based infrastructures by 2017. Microsoft Office 365 is a prime example of the past and present providing a template for the future, and businesses are quickly realizing the benefit of web-based practicality in a more mobile and connected global marketplace.

Security and Reliability

Cloud-based platforms continue to fight prejudices concerning security concerns. Microsoft Office 365 offers the same user-level security options as the Office desktop version, allowing users to set permissions. However, to ensure offsite security, specialized Microsoft data centers protect information and provide a level of security that small and medium sized businesses may not be able to afford. In fact, the data centers feature state-of-the-art disaster recovery capabilities to provide a safeguard against human error and natural disasters. The data centers are also fully redundant and geographically dispersed to ensure your data is available.


To accommodate a more on-the-go business landscape, Microsoft Office 365 works across all supported mobile devices. An Office 365 user can begin working from their desk, switch to a phone en route to a meeting, and share documents via tablet when they arrive. Emails, calendar information and contacts are continuously available and in sync across all supportive devices. With Office 365, employees are no longer confined to their desk. Along with web-based versions of Office suite applications, Office 365 includes Exchange Online for email, Lync Online for communications and SharePoint Online for collaboration. Since the software exists in Microsoft data centers, users only need an Internet connection to collaborate with colleagues and access information.

Familiarity and Efficiency

One of the key benefits of Microsoft Office 365 is the familiarity employees have with the suites. For businesses that already use Office, Outlook and others, implementing Office 365 will not result in large learning curves. Employees benefit from a cloud-based, but familiar, user experience. Office 365 works seamlessly with tools employees already know, but with the benefit of the cloud. For users of Office 2010 or higher, employees can view if others are editing a document, synchronize documents with their desktop and share PowerPoint presentations as it is being created.

Onsite technology infrastructures are quickly becoming no longer cost-effective. Purchasing server hardware, constantly updating software, installing backups and ensuring security are costly and time-consuming responsibilities for an IT team. A cloud-based solution, such as Microsoft Office 365, alleviates these responsibilities, allowing IT departments to focus on enhancing business, rather than maintaining a platform for it.

Microsoft Office 365 eliminates the inefficient processes of the past, while continuing to use the past’s most effective tools. By implementing the future of cloud-based solutions with user familiarity, Microsoft Office 365 can help ensure a competitive edge in the present.

Controlling the Current of a Multiple Revenue Stream Business

Warren Buffett once said “In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield.” When it comes to operational clarity, QuickBooks and ledgering manual spreadsheets may have provided adequate accounting solutions for a 10-person company, but relying on operational hindsight means taking your eyes off the road ahead. When a singular revenue stream becomes a financial estuary of multiple revenue streams, it’s vital to have the automation, flexibility and integration to control its current.

NetSuite is a cloud-based financial management solution that provides sophisticated, fully integrated functions for revenue recognition, reporting/analytics, and billing management to ensure compliance, provide real-time, sharable information and simplify the billing processes. With NetSuite’s end-to-end integration and customizable automation, companies can effectively map and navigate the complex topography of multiple revenue streams.

Revenue Recognition

Ensuring compliance to revenue recognition on multi-revenue sales can be a complex – and foreboding – prospect, especially when the rules seem to continuously change – such as the introduction of the latest EITF 08-01 and 09-03 rules. NetSuite’s advanced revenue recognition function can eliminate the need for complex spreadsheets and completely automate the revenue recognition processes to ensure compliance with AICPA, FASB and SEC regulations. NetSuite’s capabilities include managing one-off and recurring billing for maintenance and subscription-based revenue streams, as well as calculating multi-currency and multi-subsidiary transactions.

The function of the software is to support revenue recognition schedules for all sales, but NetSuite is also flexible enough to accommodate a company’s preferred processes. For example, customizable schedules can be made on a per-item basis, and companies can choose to separate or integrate revenue recognition with the billing process. A reliable cloud software consultancy firm, such as Business Intelligence 101, can help companies integrate their preferred processes.

Billing Management   

When a company begins to source multiple revenue streams, it’s important the streams are not dammed by manual workflow bottlenecks. Regularly caused by manual billing processes – e.g., sales quotes to approved order or fulfillment to invoicing – these dams slow down the order-to-cash process. NetSuite’s billing management eliminates human error harbored by the manual process and reduces turnaround times. By monitoring orders with real-time dashboards and centralizing the management of quotes and orders, NetSuite reduces the effort and time of billing management.  When it comes to managing the billing of multiple revenue streams – such as project, subscription, recurring or time-based billing – NetSuite automates the complex and, often times, dissimilar billing processes.

Not only does effective billing management reduce effort, time and human error; the billing automation of NetSuite also provides the conduit needed for customer self-service. By allowing customers access to order, delivery and automated billing information, NetSuite’s billing management becomes a competitive customer service asset.

Reporting and Analytics

While NetSuite’s robust ERP provides sophisticated accounting solutions to manage multi-revenue streams, the reporting and analytics of the full-featured CRM allow companies to monitor the performance of marketing, sales and customer service. NetSuite’s dashboard provides information in real-time, such as lead conversions and website metrics. With access to performance indicators, shared reports and real-time data, departments have the information necessary to analyze information without having to wait for IT reports or wade through murky spreadsheets.

The NetSuite cloud-based financial solution provides both the ERP sophistication to manage multiple revenue streams and the CRM integration to improve business performance. With time-saving automation and full, end-to-end integration, NetSuite can help companies navigate multiple revenue streams and prepare for what’s around the bend.

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How Multiple Revenue Streams Can Work For You

When you first started your company, it may have seemed inconceivable that you’d be working with companies all over the globe. However, that day has arrived and your clients are paying invoices not only in dollars, but in yen, euros and pounds. The advantage of such a diverse client base is that you are no longer dependent on one country’s economic health, but rather can spread that risk among several nations, even several continents. However, for many companies, the downside of a multi-national clientele is the increased work needed to keep the books and make sure that you follow accepted GAAP standards when you are handling multiple revenue streams, in multiple currencies.

Using accounting software to handle multiple revenue streams

Software products, such as NetSuite, allow companies that handle multiple income streams to grow without becoming encumbered with difficult accounting procedures. Such software takes your accounting to the next level, while still keeping administrative and IT costs under control. Programs like NetSuite operate on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis. That means your data is securely stored in the “cloud,” not as software supported by your own computer system, personnel and servers. Such a system offers a myriad of advantages:

  • Cloud-based accounting software saves money on servers, storage space, utilities and personnel.

  • With cloud-based software, your accounting files are accessible from any computer, smart phone or mobile device.

  • Economies of scale allow companies like NetSuite to offer greater data security than most individual companies can afford.

  • NetSuite and similar programs can handle the needs of growing companies that basic business accounting programs like QuickBooks aren’t able to keep up with.

  • By using a accounting software product like NetSuite, companies that have developed their own in-house accounting software can use their IT department to develop IT solutions for sales, marketing and customer support rather than spending their time supporting the accounting programs.

  • B2B Cloud-based accounting software often results in increased employee productivity, as there is less downtime and fewer crashes than with many in-house programs.

  • Such accounting programs can also help to improve revenue flow. Since invoices are easier to generate, they are sent more quickly and customer payments start coming in faster.

Multiple revenue streams are the natural by-product of today’s global marketplace. Don’t let the increased accounting that comes with selling your products overseas discourage you from expanding your reach. Cloud-based accounting software can help you to report those multiple income streams easily, affordably and accurately.

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